Frequently Asked Questions

For Students

Student’s benefits

Why can be useful for me?

Via search engine students or their parents can find a music teacher or private music instructor with specific skills in the area you need and to come in contact with them.

To make contact with the teacher

How can I find a teacher?

If you want to contact a teacher, you need to use a search form placed on the top of the website Fill out the fields on the search form (Instrument, Country and Location are required) and press the 'Search' button.

How can I send an inquiry to the teacher?

Below are the 2 steps that will allow you to complete an inquiry to a teacher:

  • Review the search results (list of teachers), select a teacher and press the 'Email Teacher' button to open an inquiry form.
  • Fill out the inquiry form to confirm that you’re not a robot, read and agree to the Terms of Use (EULA) and press the ‘Email My Inquiry’ button; your inquiry request will be send to the teacher.

Can I be sure that my inquiries have been received?

If you have sent inquiries and still haven’t got an answer, don’t worry! We can assure you that all your inquiries have been sent. However, we can't be held responsible for teachers answering your inquiry: it’s entirely up to them. All good things come to him who waits! :)

What can I do if I can't pass the reCAPTCHA?

We use in our mail form Google reCAPTCHA spam check. Sometimes your first answer cached in your browser’s cookies. The next time you visit the page, or any page which requires you to pass reCAPTCHA, the information from these cookies is used to identify whether you have passed the test before. To resolve this issue you could try to clean the cookies in your browser. Also if possible please try to complete this form using different browser/PC.

For Teachers


Who can be listed?

This directory was designed for qualified music teachers/private music instructors (entering is free of charge).

How can I join the direcotry or update the profile?

First you need create an account via this URL: Your email address serves as the Login ID, and the password is set by you. The process of creating and updating your account is self-explanatory and easy to follow. In the future, your account may be accessed and managed via this URL: Students will be able to see it using the search form on

How will my listing profile information be shown in the Directory?

The student can access our database by entering the required data and pressing the Search button. The information he will see will consist of teachers’ photos, names, instruments, areas of specialization, locations (country, city) and short descriptions of their teaching experience:

Listing profile

Please rest assured that we don't share your email address with potential students at website.

To upload your profile picture and enter a short description of your practice please:
  • Log in to your account.
  • Go to the 'Listing Details' page: Directory listing.
  • Scroll down to the 'Your Directory Listing' section.
  • Click on 'Upload Photo' button and follow the instructions.
  • Click on 'Edit Description' button.

Please note that all your changes are shown in the Directory Listing on the website with 3-5 minutes’ delay.

A headshot image of 100x100 pixels is required for your Directory Listing. A larger image may be uploaded (JPG, GIF or PNG file of maximum size 5 Mb). You will be prompted to make a crop of a square area and it would be automatically reduced to the proper size.

Profile information

Where can I edit my MusicTeachersDirectory listing profile information?

Your account may be accessed and managed at the portal on Profile and Listing Details pages. All changes made at the portal will be seen at the MusicTeachersDirectory.

How can I change my email address?

Your email address serves as the Login ID, and it can be changed after a confirmed request from you sent to

  1. Your existing email address currently used as Login ID for your account at
  2. The new email address you wish to start using as the Login ID.

  3. To confirm that you're the owner of the account, also please provide:

  4. The phone number and your main address (exactly as in the 'Basic Contact Information' section of your profile at

How can I disable my listing at

You can disable your listing by youself at the Direactory Listing page in your here Directory listing. In this case you will able to activate listing back at any time.

If you want us to delete your account permanently, please send us request via Contact Us form.


How to reply to the inquiry request from a potential student?

If you have an account and you want to contact with a potential student from whom you have received the inquiry notification, follow the steps below:

  • in the email message click FORWARD button instead of REPLY;
  • in the TO field put the email address from the inquiry details (look to the ‘submitted email’) that you have received;
  • write your answer message and send it out.

NOTE: Please, do not click the REPLY button on inquiry notification email or your inquiry will be received by our Support team and not by the student.

Where I can find the details of all received inquiries?

The details of all your inquiry requests are available on 'Inquiries' page in your DoReMiWorld account.

Link exchange

Premium Subscription

What are the benefits of Premium listing?

The Premium Subscription gives you the following advantages in the Directory Listing:

  • Your information will get placed at the top positions in the search results;
  • Your information will get placed at the top positions on the teacher's list in your city, state, zip;
  • Ability to be found as a teacher who offers remote lessons via Internet, if specified.
  • Your information will get premium listing view which also includes:
    • icons of all services you offer;
    • link to your website, if specified (without need to link your web site to the directory);
    • phone number, if specified.
  • Premium preview
  • Have your own Personal Page, that allow to:
    • specify your Education;
    • tell others more about your Experience;
    • outline your Certificates & Awards in the corresponding section;
    • add links to your Social Media Profiles (Facebook, LiveJournal, Instagram, Skype);
    • set a custom URL for the page;
    • add up to 10 Photos with descriptions;
    • embed a Video from Youtube;
    • display Reviews with the common rating, overall statistics and detailed positive reviews;
  • Premium profile page

Contact us

Contact Us

Can't find the information you need? Please feel free to contact us.

Want to report a technical issue? Please, provide the following information:

  • detailed description of your issue.
  • type and model of your iPad and iOS version installed.
  • does the forced closing of the app help solve the problem?
  • can you reproduce your situation?

Your feedback is important to us because it helps evaluate the changes and improvements that could be added to the app.

Please, note that is a free service maintained by for the benefit of private music teachers as well as music students and their parents. We only list music teachers offering private/online music lessons. We don't provide such services like marketing or information campaign.

If you have any questions or require any additional information, please feel free to contact us.